As a general rule: donations, legacies and inheritance advances are on pages of the receiver always to declare and pay tax on. In the tax year in which they are incurred. This means that even an inheritance must be declared not allocated yet. The discount or a gift to the spouse or the offspring are usually tax-free.

The simple control

A gift or an inheritance tax cost is calculated in the form of the simple tax. It looks like this:

For the first taxable CHF 30’000 2%

For the following taxable CHF 60’000 3%

For the following taxable CHF 90’000 4%

For the following taxable CHF 180’000 5%

For the following taxable CHF 480’000 6%

For the following taxable CHF 660’000 7%

If the taxable amount is more than 1.5 million Swiss francs, the simple tax to six per cent of the total amounts.

Farther away the relationship, the higher the tax

Now it but also plays a role, who then gets inherited or given something. This is the rule of thumb: depending on the people are more closely related to each other, the lower the taxes fall out. In practice, this looks as follows:

  • Parents pay for the simple
  • Grandparents, stepchildren and children of registered partner or registered partner to pay the double amount
  • Siblings pay the triple
  • Step-parents, the four times pay
  • Uncles, aunts, and descendants of siblings the five times pay
  • All other beneficiaries persons and non-related pay the sixfold amount

Allowances are regulated cantonal

Not all amounts that are gifted or inherited, must be taxed. The height of the so-called exemption vary from Canton to Canton. Following the example of the canton of Zurich:

Allowance for parent: CHF 200’000

Allowance for brother, sister, or grandparent: CHF 15’000

Allowance for the fiance: CHF 15’000

Allowance for sponsored children, foster children, stepchildren, CHF 15’000

Children of registered partners, as well as domestic workers

with more than ten years of service

Allowance for life partner or life partner, the CHF 50’000

have lived at least five years in the same household

Allowance for all other disabled or limited to CHF 30’000

working and needy persons

Important: If someone gives away amounts to the same person more than once, these amounts will be totaled. Once the exemption limit is reached, all additional gifts to the normal fare is subject to tax.

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