Completing your tax declaration may not necessarily be your favorite job: it is more likely that you think about it as a “necessary evil” and push aside the submitting of tax declaration. This is not a problem as long as you know the dates which differ from canton to canton:

  • 15th March – Berne and Vaud
  • 31st March – Zurich, Baselstadt, Schwyz, Aargau and Solothurn
  • 30th April – Zug
  • 31st May – Thurgau

If you have not submitted you tax return on time, you must send request to tax office for the extension of the deadline. In some cantons you will receive confirmation, but not in all of them, and it depends on the type of the application (letter, online, etc.).

We support you

Steuerzentrum can offer you following services to make your tax application process go smoother:

  • For our new clients we extend the deadline upon request
  • In case we have not received relevant documents for current tax application from our existing customers, we automatically apply for extension 10 days before the deadline
  • We provide our clients with the documents from the previous year and a checklist to make it easier to collect all the necessary documents
  • If you start running of time, we can offer you a tax declaration express service

With the help of Steuerzentrum, you save time and money and you can be sure that your tax matters will be handled professionally.