If you have already submitted your tax returns, you must have noticed it: In addition to the usual amounts on federal, cantonal and municipal level, you must also pay a church tax if you are a member of Swiss Churches. The cost of this church tax can sometimes be several thousand Swiss francs and – just as any other tax calculation – is subject to your income and wealth.

As soon as you are no longer a member of one of the Swiss Churches, you are automatically no longer obliged to pay the church tax. Therefore, from the point of view of taxation, a church membership withdrawal pays off.

Simple procedure

If you want to leave the church, the exit procedure is relatively simple. All you need to do is write a letter to the responsible parishioners of your place of residence and announce your church membership withdrawal. You do not have to explain the reason for this decision. Once the church confirms your membership withdrawal, it is officially valid and you do not have to pay any church tax anymore.

Attention: In case of foreigner residing in Switzerland, the tax office can require church membership withdrawal to be confirmed not only in Switzerland, but also in their home country.

We can support you

Steuerzentrum can advise you on questions concerning church membership withdrawal. We will provide you with the necessary calculations of your tax optimization and you will send church membership withdrawal letter. Thanks to our support, you will know exactly how your church membership withdrawal impacts your tax bill and you will not have to worry about the formalities of the withdrawal process.